Why should I choose a raised storage area?

Making the decision to change your warehouse or distribution centre can be daunting, and so can the process. In this article we discuss what raised storage areas do, why you would consider installing one and what kind of mezzanine floor is right for your business.

custom designed mezzanine floor systems to create more space in your warehouse

Firstly - what is a raised storage area?

A raised storage area (also known as mezzanine floor), creates an extra level of space above an existing work area. Freestanding levels of racking or shelving are used with flooring to create an extra level (or more) of floor space. Available single or multitier, this space can then be used as additional storage, or as a work area or office space.

With the ability to dismantle easily, businesses also have the option to relocate their mezzanine floor if required. Alternatively, the addition of a storage area also adds value to an existing building. Custom built and semi permanent options are also available if you are looking at staying in your location in the long term.

Business owners have the option of choosing open span style mezzanine floor, where the space below the floor is open, or a racking supported system if the area below is to be utilised for picking bays.

create more room in an overstocked warehouse, and retain functionality by using a second layer of flooring with mezzanine

Why install a raised storage area?

There are many reasons why a business might consider going 'up', namely:

To create extra storage space

The number one benefit of mezzanine floor is that it can effectively double your floor area - or more if you decide you go up more than 1 level. Businesses commonly use this method when their business is getting close to outgrowing their factory or distribution centre - it is a fast, economical way of utilising existing space.

To avoid the hassle of relocation

There are many factors to take into consideration when weighing up relocation or staying put. The cost to relocate can be excessive in comparison to utilising space that you are already paying for in your current warehouse or distribution centre. Another factor to take into account is the time and resources it would take to coordinate such a move.

Add to that the interruption to business and the possibility of things like delays on orders and it is easy to see why many businesses make the smart move to simply go 'up'.

mezzanine floors can hold heavy weights, and utilise space above storage racks, like adding a second floor to an existing building without altering the structure

Save money

In comparison to a relocation, mezzanine floor in a inexpensive way to utilise the space that a business is already paying for, whether the warehouse be owned or rented. In addition, mezzanine floor can be installed without interrupting the normal work flow of your warehouse, in fact, many businesses are able to have a raised storage area installed during production hours with little to no interruption to everyday tasks.

To create office space

You workers might not necessarily love it (!), but creating an overhead office space that looks down on a warehouse or distribution centre can be advantageous for many reasons - aside from the pros discussed above, you are also able to see what is going on in the day to day running of the business and are available then and there to fix any issues. It's a great way for executives to 'keep their finger on the pulse', so to speak.

But which mezzanine floor is right for me?

The type of mezzanine floor (and mezzanine floor access) you choose will be dependent on what you are planning to do with the space. If it is being used for offices, for example, it will be set up differently to if it is being used for storage. Similarly, the access needs to take into account things like safety, productivity and convenience.

Most raised storage areas can be custom built to suit the needs of the business, although there are plenty of mezzanine floor kits out there too.

We always recommend consulting a professional before making the decision to alter your warehouse, so please feel free to contact us if you would like us to provide you with a site visit and quote.