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Materials Handling

Increase Workplace Efficiency with Goods for Materials Handling

warehouse materials handling equipment While it is essential to have a brilliant racking system in your warehouse or factory, it is equally important to invest in the correct materials handling goods and equipment. Choosing an efficient materials handling collection will increase your workplace productivity, saving on labour, and more importantly, keep your employees safe on the job. It also indirectly improves the customer service of your business because product is readily on hand and accessible should it be needed quickly, in addition to a shortening delivery time so your customers have their orders filled fast.

Materials handling is an extremely broad term, but essentially offers solutions to loading, unloading and moving goods throughout the workplace. It helps with the protection of goods and the control of materials throughout warehousing and factories, distribution and disposal. In a nutshell, materials handling will support your logistical requirements and make the supply chain work. It also lowers overall handling costs in distribution and transportation in a warehouse environment.

There are a vast range of materials handling goods available, including manual equipment, semi automated and automated equipment. At Cosmic Storage we focus on handling equipment that primarily assists with flow and process management - making your workplace run like a well oiled machine!!

Planning is key!

Preparation and planning are paramount when it comes to deciding the equipment that is right for you. Do not rush through this initial process, it is by far the most important part of the whole exercise, so get it right the first time!
Firstly, define the needs of your workplace. We all have those moments when completing monotonous tasks and we think to ourselves -'Surely there is a better/faster/easier/safer way to do this?' Chances are, there is! The best way is to get out into your workspace, and go about your 'normal' day, with a notepad and pen by your side. Every time you identify something that you believe could be improved - write it down! You need to assess everything you do, from receiving of goods, how they are moved from the truck to the storage space, the assembly of goods, picking the goods, right through to the final stages of shipping and transporting the goods.
If you believe you can cover all processes in a day, great, otherwise keep that notepad handy for the week!

Remember the goal is to focus on where you can simplify tasks to improve productivity whilst reducing repetitive and strenuous manual labour.

Once this list is complete, we can refer you to relevant organisations that can assist with fitting you out with all the materials handling goods you need for a safer, more productive workplace.