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We have a large range of industrial ladders

The range of ladders available seems to be neverending! But at Cosmic Storage we focus on both small and larger industrial ladders that are functional and safety compliant.
The purpose of a ladder is quite obvious - to access high areas that you cannot get to in the workplace without the aid of a device!

Here are the range of ladders we have available.

Step Stools

step stool ladderStep stools are convenient and easy to use, ideally used where a small 'lift' is required. Our step stools have spring loaded castors and a rubber ring around the base provides extra grip. Each step has a rubber surface to avoid slipping. These are made with steel construction with a powder coat finish and easily assembles without the need for tools. Meets or exceeds GSA standards.

Fold Up Step Ladders

factory ladders, step-up Fold up step ladders are lightweight and multipurpose. They can be used in the workplace or at home.
These ladders fold to a 6inch profile for ease of storage. The step heights we offer are 9 1/2", 19" and 27 1/2", with a capacity of 250lbs. There are made of steel construction and have a powder coat finish.

Step Hand Ladders

hand ladders, step-up Also known as a 'hand truck', these ladders are ideal for commercial and industrial applications.
Retailers will often use these ladders too, as their purpose is to move boxes and small packages.
The step ladder features two non-slip steps, each with a secure, rubber grip pad. This model also has solid rubber wheels.

Cross Over Ladders

cross over ladder The purpose of this type of ladder is to create a permanent cross over point where a clearway is not available on the ground. The upper platform features removable two sided handrail with a mid-rail and toeboards to prevents objects from rolling off. A very safe ladder with serrated steps for extra grip, as well as ground legs with rubber feet for stability. The overall ladder width is 29" and is all welded steel construction with removable handrails. The capacity is 500lbs and meets OSHA and ANSI standards.

Steel Rolling Warehouse Ladders

rolling warehouse ladders, steel The 'must have' ladder for warehouses and factories! An easy and safe solution for reaching products on at high levels. This ladder includes an exclusive safety gate that keeps children and unauthorised personnel off the ladder. It is rated at 350lbs capacity with a standard climb angle of 50 degree. Features handrails and toeboards. The customer has the choice of either grip strut style or perforated style steps. Side frame is constructed from heavy-duty rectangular tubing that offers maximum strength. Unique two-piece design allows ladder to separate for shipping and storage. Welded steel construction with powder coat finish. Contact us for specific dimensions, as there are many variations available. Manufactured in compliance with OSHA and ANSI A14.7 standards.

These are the primary ladders we stock, but just because you don't see it here doesn't mean we cannot source it!