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Drive In Racking

Drive In Racking

horizontal racking for warehouse Also known as drive through pallet or warehouse racking, drive in racking is ideal for high density seasonal items that move quickly out of your inventory, or a large number of similar or bulk storage items that can be stored in a single pallet position and accessed last in, first out. Perfect for businesses looking to increase the efficiency of their warehouse space, in addition to cost savings if you are on a budget.

Designed to allow forklift truck access on ground lane of the stacked rows [also called bays], this system operates on a first in first out basis. The forklift will load furthest bay at back first, meaning the very last bay loaded will be the first pallet out. The lift truck can enter the rack from one side to pick up or pull out pallets because the pallets can slide backwards on a continuous rail.

Ideally the warehouse can provide front and rear entry with enough space for forklift to manouvre safely. You can then load and unload pallets from both ends which allows the system to become first in first out for your stock.

Drive in rack is a very clever racking option for retail warehouses and businesses that store large amounts of the same stock, for example, motor mowers. If there are different models, you can allocate lanes to each model. Forklift drivers then need to be educated to recognise the products from clear lane marking or bar coding, or in some cases, radio frequency.

But drive in rack is not as restrictive as you might think, as discussed in the example below. Customers with various products needing to be stored in drive in racking can also be accommodated for by custom designing individual lanes for different pallet sizes and heights etc.

A recent drive in racking project we designed and installed for a plastic manufacturer is a good case in point.

Our customer had a problem with palletised canvas sacks of plastic granules which couldn’t be stored anywhere in the existing warehouse due to their height. This customer had recently acquired this new line of product and we needed to provide them with a solution quickly as the oversized sacks were taking up floor space and could not ever be double stacked without proper racking designed for them.

We installed over 400 drive in spaces for our customer, built to spec to accommodate height and extra width. This is a great example of thinking outside the square and our customer was extremely happy to finally have the items off his valuable floor space and more importantly, safely stored individually in spec built drive in bays. Safety is always our first priority when it comes to designing custom made jobs.

Drive in racking is more expensive than selective pallet racking due to a lot more content of structural steel and custom designed storage arms which are shorter than pallet beams to allow the forklift to drive through ground lanes.

For any enquiries on designing drive in racking to suit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form or by calling (03) 9793 3433.