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New Pallet Racking

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pallet racking for warehouse Pallet racking, also known as warehouse racking has been around since World War 2, cleverly engineered and patented to maximise warehouse storage space vertically with the aid of forklift trucks.

Of course, warehouse and factory racking has evolved since then! At Cosmic Storage, we can assist with both new and second hand pallet racking.

Put simply, the primary function of racking is to store goods onto a pallet or skid in a neat and tidy way. They can then be shrink wrapped and stored into pallet bays vertically with adjustable bay heights and safe work load weights.

At Cosmic Storage we have a large range of pallet racking, including selective pallet racking, double deep racking, push back racking and narrow aisle racking.

Whether you are starting up a brand new warehouse, updating your factory, relocating your business or adding to your existing racking, there are many things to consider, such as:

Do you have a layout or plan for your new or current warehouse?
Whether you have a plan ready to go or need advice from scratch, we can help!

What forklift you are using? What is the maximum height it can lift to?
Racking can be installed up to the roof of your warehouse, but there is no point installing racking that high if you cannot reach it! We also use your forklift truck as a guide to measuring your aisle space between the bays. The turning circle of your truck is the key to correct aisle spacing. If you do not own a forklift, we can offer recommendations and source the one that's right for your business.

Would you consider investing in a new forklift to make the most of your space?
One of the best ways to achieve more pallet spaces in your warehouse is to buy a forklift truck that has the smallest turning circle. Initially it might seem like a big investment, but in the long run you will see a return on that investment because of the extra stock you can hold.

What weight will you require each pallet to hold?
We work on a safety first basis at Cosmic Storage. It is best to have the heaviest pallets low to the ground and lighter pallets on highest beam levels to keep your team safe and keep the pallet racking equipment in optimum condition.

Whether this is your first experience with pallet racking or you've had years of experience, we are happy to help!

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