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Workplace Safety

Your people are your greatest assett - and so is their safety!

We all know that without a safe and engaged team of employees, we wouldn't be in business. Employee and client safety should always be front of mind in all that we do.

Although OHS is not the most exciting topic, it is our job (and yours!) to deliver the good news and the bad when it comes to workplace safety.

The truth is, the majority of workplace incidents can be avoided. A brilliant website to refer to is worksafe.

We cannot cover all aspects of safety in this article but we will point out some primary areas of focus that you may experience on a day to day basis, particularly when working with pallet and warehouse racking.

Injuries relating to heavy lifting is one of the largest reported claims in Victoria and is important to focus on due to the heavy items that move around the workplace on a daily basis. The way you and your staff lift and move objects around workplace is important to consider. 

Keeping your storage system up to date is essential to safety. Over time, racking can weaken due to various factors such as fork lift damage, age, and various wear and tear. Safety audits are essential to comply with relevant regulations, which are updated from time and time.

There are professionals you can hire to visit your workplace and conduct storage maintenance checks, to ensure your equipment is safety first. If you would like us to provide contact details of the relevant organisations that can assist with this, please let us know.

Don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form or call (03) 9793 3433.

We can help make your workplace not just a happy one, but a safe one too.