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Safety Gear

Ensure your employees safety in the workplace

Potentially even more essential than sourcing the correct workplace or home storage solution is having access to the best safety equipment. Protection for you and employees is paramount in today’s workforce. All businesses, and employees within those businesses, have differing requirements. Although personal protective equipment is often thought of as common sense, sometimes the obvious isn’t so clear and you need the advice of the experts to help you along.

You and your employees safety is of the utmost important to us, so we recommend the below range of safety equipment for all of your occupational health and safety needs,including:

Protective eyewear, including glasses and goggles.
Eye injuries can be extrememly serious, even when deemed as 'minor'. Something as small as a scratch or a small particle in the eye can result in long term issues for the employee. Make sure you are monitoring your workplace for hazards and asking advice if you believe protective eyewear could be useful for you.

Protective work wear, including high visibility vests, disposable coveralls, welding gear, kit bags and more.
Protective work wear should be used to reduce exposure to hazards that may impact the middle section (or torso) of the body. Environments where protective workwear might be required are day and/or night time jobs where the workers might be difficult to see, welding jobs or jobs where the employee might be at risk to chemical splashes (just to name a few!). Protective workwear is particularly important when working with warehouse and factory racking.

Protective headwear, including hard hards and bump caps.
Headwear is required in any workplace where the employee is at risk of bumps to the head, falling objects, emergency situations or exposed to chemicals and weather conditions. We can advise you if headwear is needed in your workplace.

Hand protection, including disposable, cotton, leather and welding gloves.
Protection such as this should be used if the worker is exposed to potential injuries to the hand.

Hearing protection, including ear muffs and plugs.
If you are unsure as to whether your workers require hearing protection, refer to safe work australia to view the National Standard for Occupational Noise.

We can point you in the right direction with all of the above, as well as safety signs, respiratory and general safety gear. Industrial signage is crucial for workers safety, the public and our emergency workers who have to deal with spills. Many of these items need to be properly fitted to the individual so they are comfortable and most importantly, safety first. It is important to always keep your safety gear clean and in good condition, and to make replacements when necessary. All employees should know how to care for and extend the life of, their safety gear.