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Gondola Shelving

Our Most Versatile Shelving

retail supermarket shelving
Typically known as retail shelving, supermarket shelving or shop shelving, gondola shelving is the most common retail store fixture and is the most powerful way to display and sell your merchandise.

It's versatility makes gondolas easy to install, simple to use and maximizes your floor space showcasing your product to customers who can easily walk around, touch and visually see your product.

Gondola shelves come in a variety of heights and depths. The shelving systems come in single sided for against a wall and double sided for the middle of a shop. There is also narrow aisle shelving available for those shops with a confined space. This type of supermarket or convenience store shelving is easy to merchandise, or move around your store if you need to.

Punch panel is the most common type of gondola. It's back panels are punched with holes allowing the use for hooks which is another great way to display products in packets that are not suited to sitting on a shelf. Another type of punch panel is an item called volcano panel. The holes in this panel are set deeper to create more strength and allow you to make the most of hanging heavy items. The types of shops that find this type of storage system particularly useful are bait and tackel shops (to hold heavy sinkers) and supermarkets that may need to merchandise heavier products.

For those on a budget, mesh backing is a cheap and economical way to set up your shop. Doing everything the punch panel system can do, it's much cheaper because instead of having metal panels as the back, you use one mesh piece. It's especially more price savvy when using double sided gondolas as your replacing two sides of panels with one piece of mesh. The other advantage with having mesh is for security. Being able to see through the gondola allows you to keep an eye on wandering fingers!

Gondola shelving can be found in a number of retail applications:

Petrol stations
Pet shops
Independent grocery shops
Convenience stores
Hardware shops
Auto retailers
The list goes on...

Another great way to increase your brands marketability is to create a personalised merchandising stand. Many smart companies create a unique and personalised stand in their companies brand/colour/logo that really stands out, making their product more appealing for their customer. Simple solutions like this can make you a leader in your field.

Whether you are starting a new business, looking to expand your products branding or simply refurbishing your existing gondolas, we have the gondola shelving solution for you.